How To Pay Gotv Subscription In Nigeria

Hello, welcome to So, today, we will be talking on how to pay gotv subscription online in Nigeria.

How To Pay Gotv Subscription In Nigeria
How much is Gotv subscription

As we all know GOTV is managed by MULTICHOICE NIGERIA. Without taking time let’s get down into business.

So, as for me, i make use of to pay my GOTV subscription. You can do that easily in the steps listed below.

How much is gotv subscription in nigeria
  1. Click on the menu by the left, you will need to fund your account to be able to pay your Gotv subscription (There are majorly two ways to fund your account on : Through bank transfer to the account number that you will generate on the platform or through your atm card, you can choose anyone.)
  2. After successfully funding your account, click on “Pay Tv subscription” in the menu.
  3. Then, select GOTV.
  4. Then select the package, input the decoder number, then input your phone number and click continue,
  5. Confirm the payment by clicking pay with wallet.
  6. There you go, you have just paid your GOTV subscription.

Kindly note that doesn’t add charges to pay your Gotv subscription.

How Much Is Gotv Subscription In Nigeria.

Gotv subscription depends on the plan you are, there are different Gotv plans in Nigeria and they are listed below:

GOtv Jinja N1,640
GOtv Jolli N2,460
GOtv Max N3,600
GOtv Smallie – monthly N800
GOtv Smallie – quarterly N2,100
GOtv Smallie – yearlyN6,200

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